This I Believe

Taylor - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 28, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe in saying “goodnight”.

Saying “goodnight” is a way of concluding your day.

Saying “goodnight” is like saying “You may have had a bad day but it’s over and tomorrow you can start over, make new choices, and discover new things. You have another chance.”

“Goodnight” should be said even if your mad at the person you’re saying it to, or if they’re mad at you.

“Goodnight” is like saying “I’m sorry”.

“Goodnight” can be accompanied with a kiss, whether from your mom and a peck on the cheek or deep kiss from your significant other.

“Goodnight” is like saying “I love you”.

You might say “goodnight” is something to small to believe in. Your thinking “How can you believe in saying “goodnight” when there are bigger things to believe?” The fact that I believe in “goodnight”, of starting fresh days, lets me get through my downfalls and setbacks in my beliefs because tomorrow starts a new day because someone told me “goodnight”.

Tonight someone will tell me “goodnight” and I will sleep good because I know tomorrow I can start a new day.

“Goodnight” is a whole conversation in two syllables.

I believe in saying “goodnight”.