This I Believe

Nicole - USA
Entered on October 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity

My Name is Nicole Smith and I am 14 years old. I am in the 9th grade and it can be difficult. I’m writing this essay to discuss the issue of disscrimination among middle and high school students. Every student is guilty for excluding one another or gossiping and spreading rumors. Why do kids do this? As one I still can not figure it out. Maybe it is because they do not feel very good about themselves, it could be peer pressure or just because the think it’s fun. There are endless possibilities but I want to put a stop to it all.

I remeber when I was in the eighth grade, an event like this happend to me. I was not the most popular girl but I had my friends which was enough for me. I decided I needed a larger group of friends so I decided to join another group of girls (but still stayed friends with the ones I have.) The girls were really nice I started hanging out with them and everything seemed great. Then one day I found out that one of the girls in the group was talking about me and spreading rumors to get the other girls to hate me. I do not know why this girl hated me, I guess it was because she was mean. I belive that this should not be allowed.

I am positive that I am not the only person that has expirenced an event like this, many people have experienced much worse. When my brother was in the seventh grade he went on a class camping trip, were the students spent two nights at a camp in cabins. My brother was so ecxited. During the camping trip a bunch of “cool” kids thought it would be funny to give him a swirly. This is a true story. The only reason the kids did this was because they did not think he was cool enough. Statistics will tell you that 80% of kids do not bullie, this may be true but what about the other 20% of kids that are causing many difficulites in others lives.

By reading this essay hopefully you will change your actions or help change the actions of others. “What is cool may not be right, but what is right may not be cool.”