This I Believe

Charles - Elgin, Illinois
Entered on October 26, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Okay so this one time, some guy put six sides of something together and called it a day. Well he called it a box.

Mimes are trapped in invisible ones, kids play in sand ones, and people are buried in funeral ones. But, can a box not become an abstract idea instead? Can it not be said that the mind acts as a box, a fortress of unparalleled size and energy, enclosing within it the thoughts, the dreams, and even the barriers that control the body? So many times it has been said to think outside the box. Never has it been said to understand what it means to be in the box so you can control the box, harness its power and utilize the space within it. A box is a person’s own space. Nothing should waste this. If a box labeled ‘I’m embarrassed’ or ‘what is self-confidence’ cramps the comfortable room within the box then rip them apart. If the tissue paper of inhibition and selfishness clutter the box such that the mind will never reach its potential then crumple it up. If the bubble rap of stereotype or the Styrofoam tradition of racism or sexism mask the true identity of what is held within this box how else can the true beauty show through unless every bubble is popped and all the foam is torn to pieces. This box, however, is not cardboard and mailed through the US Postal Service. It is made of a metal far stronger than any man has ever felt. It is the strength of thought itself. It is both knowledge and power.

Within this box, I stand. I am safe from harm now that I have cleared out the nuisances of filler-crap. My strength is in the six sides of my mind, the metal unable to be penetrated by laser or diamond-bit drill. There I stand holding only two fingers up toward that ceiling and a blow torch toward the walls so that I may leave a mark,

“I believe in living inside the box of my thoughts. I believe in thoughts bouncing of walls until they hit me in the back of the head. And I believe that this blow-torch with which I profess is the key to my fulfillment.”

I believe the box is a thought; it is a decision; it is living life.