This I Believe

Jim. - Germantown, Tennessee
Entered on October 26, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe that a supreme being in itself is imposible as being is impossible to supremicasy.

Man’s concept of a god, as percieved by me when described to me over my 59 1/2 years, is unbelievable in concept. A loving god that would relagate people who live worldly productive, helpful , loving, lives who do not “believe in a god” are damed to the eternal pain of hell. Not a few moments, days, weeks, months, yeasr or even eons of pain but eternal!! Yet a Richard Speck , who murredered 13 people, was convicted and went to prison, found god, professed his faith, will rest in heaven,(eternal pleasure at the right hand of god). This thinking and teaching leaves me empty and distanced from any faith in a creator.

The only thing that keeps me looking in that direction for some evidence of that “being” is the writings of Eienstien. His superior intelligence, if he is honest, states a belief in a god of sorts, a creator.

Jefferson, I believe, wws an atheist at heart, but believed a belief in a supreme being and life after death as a reward for moral behavior on earth was essential for a non-caotic society.

This I think is a good reason to support a god, heaven, hell!