This I Believe

lizbeth - corona, California
Entered on October 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in individuality and the fear of becoming nothing. Throughout my life as a child I had many fears. Like every adolescent I had the fear of heights, spiders, and darkness. But as I grew, I changed and my fears did too. I started noticing the old, hungry, homeless people in the streets. People that were just living for nothing, and just waiting for their time to come. I never wanted to become one of them. I want to become something, not someone.

Like everyone in this world I made mistakes. But I felt that everything I made a stupid mistake or action I would fall into some kind of category. This category that would lead to nothing and will never be known. The greatest fear of people is that all their hard work, all their wasted time will amount to nothing.

As I entered junior high I fell into the pressures of wanting to be something I wasn’t. But everything I did would just waste my time. I could of used this wasted time to build a better future for myself, but instead I chose to throw away days of my life. I see people wanting to be like all the famous people on television. People just there to entertain. I don’t want to only entertain people; I also want to help them. If you chase the dream of wanting to be someone else, you would only fall down and never be able to get back up. The only person I want to be is myself.

These days I find myself sitting in my room thinking. I think about the pressures my parents, friends, acquaintances, and school put on me. Some days I fall into these pressures and some days I rebel against them. Every one of my actions has a consequence. My actions determine where I am going to end up in life. Everyday I pray that when I am gone at least one person remembers me for my doings. I don’t want to just disappear from this world.

I want to become something, not someone. I believe in individuality and the fear of becoming nothing. I want to be able to help another human being. I want to be known for being myself not someone else. I want to grow up and look forward to living another day. I don’t want to be common and lost; I want to be unique and found. I believe in individuality and the fear of becoming nothing.