This I Believe

christal - Corona / 92879, California
Entered on October 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

This I Believe

I believe in the love and faith in a family. I believe that any family can get through anything. I’ve lived a life that has had struggle and heartache. When I was little I thought nothing could go wrong in my life, that my life would be happy and without hardship like in the movies. I use to think that my family and I would live happily ever after like in the fairytales. But then I knew, no one’s life is perfect. When I was little my family was forced to move out of our house because my dad was laid off. My family of seven had to move into a three bedroom house, which we had to rent. It was very hard at first, my tia and cousins were going to live with us for a while. We were all staying in this little house for about a year.

After we moved into our house, my parents started fighting a lot more. My mom would go out at night when my brothers and sisters and I were asleep. When my parents fought I remember holding my little sister and brother at night trying to go to sleep. I thought my family would fall apart. My older sister use to fight with my mom and dad a lot too. One day I remember coming home from school and seeing all three yelling at each other. That day my big sister moved out of the house. I was very sad that day and so was my little brother and sisters. I never showed my feelings because I believed that I had to be strong for my younger siblings. I told them that everything would be ok and that our family loved each other no matter what. My mom moved out not long after. She left with her boyfriend, leaving me, my little brother and sister, and my older brother with my dad.

While everything was happening, I believe that the love my brothers and sisters had for each other got us by. When I was twelve, my older brother moved out and I was the one playing mom. My dad had to work all night to support us. I would have to come home, clean, pick up my little brother from school, then trying to make him some food until my dad got off work. And I still had to find time to do my homework. I didn’t mind because I was helping my dad. We knew that our parents loved us and we saw our dad trying so hard to provide for us. We saw how hard it was for him and we knew he would do anything to make his kids happy. I also remember my mom working very hard to try and get a place of her own so she could see us more often. I remember her crying because she hated her life style. She missed having her kids with her.

I believe that the hardship my family has gone through showed all the love and faith we have in each other. Looking back at all the things my mom and dad did for their kids’ shows that the love in a family is strong no matter what happens. No matter what happens or how hard a situation can get, as long as your family is there than their love is the best support. In my life I always think about my family’s love for me and I remember that I should be the best I could be.