This I Believe

Andrew - Dublin, Ohio
Entered on October 25, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: question

The Ghosts of Curiosity

GHOSTS exist. Spirits of the deceased sometimes roam the earth. It has taken time and numerous experiences to make me believe. Over the years, my interest in the paranormal has evolved into an obsession. I transitioned from simply reading ghost stories, to going out and hunting ghosts. I constantly scour the internet for potential evidence and am a weekly viewer of the show Ghost Hunters, which follows an elite team of paranormal investigators. My intense curiosity not only makes life more exciting, but also provides a small window into the possibility of an afterlife.

My supernatural pursuits began with a curiosity in life after death. When people die, do they disappear, or do they remain on earth unbeknownst to us? Like other skeptics, I attributed stories of hauntings to people’s imaginations or creaky old houses. Every time I looked at potential evidence, I sought to disprove it. People often mistook natural phenomena for ghosts. Over the years, however, I found many cases with no viable explanations. What is the cause of these unexplainable phenomena?

After entering high school, I wanted firsthand experiences so I decided to investigate these so called “hauntings” myself. To conduct each hunt, I used a digital camera, video camera, and voice recorder. These devices can detect things the human eye or ear may not. After each hunt, I reviewed the pictures, videos, and audio recorders for anything abnormal. I looked and listened for shadows, figures, unusual lights, or disembodied voices. To ensure validity, I didn’t assume something was paranormal; I looked for natural causes of the phenomena and tried to recreate the things I encountered.

My first ghost hunt was in a graveyard in central Ohio. While there, I experienced unexplainable cold spots and inexplicable flashes of light. Although these occurrences weren’t concrete evidence, I couldn’t help but wonder what if. This curiosity, in turn, led me to the most memorable experience of my life.

This summer, my friend Russell and I spent a night in the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, an abandoned Tuberculosis hospital which is notoriously haunted. I witnessed shadows darting down hallways, objects moving by themselves, bangs resonating through the walls, and ominous feelings of being touched and pushed. After reviewing voice recordings taken there, I heard what appeared to be the voice of a woman moaning. Russell asked, “Is there anyone here with us?” Immediately a long moan was heard. There were no women in the building that night, and to this day, I have no explanation for the noise.

Although I didn’t come face to face with an apparition, my experiences that night solidified my belief in ghosts. My curiosity in the afterlife has not been satisfied, and in the future, I will continue my pursuit of the supernatural. Perhaps the next time footsteps are heard, or an object moves by itself, you’ll think of me and believe.