This I Believe

Nathan - boyne falls, Michigan
Entered on October 25, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

Dirty Finger Nails

Work ethic is lacking in our society.

Work is one of the things that I believe pushes our society to unite on a common ground,

We all in one way or another work. And work ethic is a major player. I recall the first time I worked hard; I worked all summer to gravel a driveway. It was hard, I sweat vary hard, got a lopsided sun burn and blisters, but in the end I helped an elderly widow repair her driveway. At times I’ve worked so hard that my hands have become raw from the shovel rubbing ageists them for hours on end; and I’ve suffered from lack of sleep due to amounting pain in my back. Work is hard. On another particular experience, I had to paint a twenty three hundred square foot deck: it was unbelievably difficulty. I was on my hands and knees for hours scraping off the old paint and putting on the new. But after I was done I helped an older man with arthritis. Why do people like me go out of our way to work hard? First; I believe the gratitude that comes with job well done is a wonderful experience, seconded; kindness is always remembered by those around you, third; I have developed a better work ethic form all of my experiences and it’s made me stronger person, forth; I like getting dirt under my nails.

Too many people today have a bad work ethic. A few years ago I was fully dependent on others for everything. I learned after a few key experiences, the importance of getting dirt under my nails, to work hard and provide for myself and for others. Providing for ones needs, and not being a burden to others is not always fun, but helping others is (after you get past the blistered hands and sore back) wonderful. Like for example: every time I drive past the widows’ driveway I take joy in knowing that I was the one who did that. Or when I drive past Wall-Greens and remember the time I volunteered all Christmas to ring a little bell to help people actually have a Christmas. Now did I enjoy getting snowed on for 25 days and being cold all the time?

No but I know for a fact that 27 people had a Christmas from the money I raised.

When I first started thinking of ways to help people; and to keep a job, I created a list:

Helping people is the first building block of a good work ethic. The seconded is to work hard, and be happy while you do it. Now I don’t mean being a slap happy clown, but being genuinely happy about helping a person or doing a given task. The third is to never give up, even when those people in life are telling us to quit. The forth never second guess your self yourself. If you might recall Thomas Edison went through 10,000 ways NOT to make a light bulb, he eventually found one, but he never gave up!

I’ve worked in hot nasty dish rooms, I’ve worked in fields all day bailing straw, and I’ve even cleaned out a bedpan. These were not all fun experiences but they paid off.

Having a good work ethic also pays out in the end.

I worked in a nasty damp dish room for eight months, I worked vary hard, but when I worked the hardest to the best of my ability my employers noticed, eight months and two days later I became a waiter for the sick at a hospital. Witch to me is one of the best ways I can help people. (Having a good work ethic got me here)

I will continue to develop my work ethic , I don’t believe there is a end to it per say, but I will keep pressing forward to better myself and those around me.