This I Believe

Brad - Petoskey, Michigan
Entered on October 25, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Brad Roguska


One of the most important qualities a person can have is perseverance. I wake up at eight so I can get to my menial job at nine thirty, much to my distain. My life is monotonous and not the least bit inspiring. My inspiration for waking up at this time is just to move on. I am a very ambitious person with my parents’ current financial situation on my mind. Working and going to the community college in town, I save my parents and myself money. My whole life I have put an emphasis on hard work, just in the wrong places. Instead of working hard in school, I worked hard on the sports field. In making those decisions I have put myself in a situation that is not ideal. But I feel that I am getting something much more important from these experiences then what I originally had intended on, perseverance.

Every day new challenges are laid before us and we must find ways to overcome them. When I received news that I was dropped from my college English class for lack of payment, I was upset. I didn’t give up though I paid for the class out of my own pocket. Once I was put back into the class I got a case of bronchitis for a week and a half, which disheartened me. After missing all those days of class I was behind in homework assignments, but I did not drop the class I decided to make up the work. I know if I didn’t have perseverance I would have dropped the class. In football athletes are constantly challenged both physically and mentally. When my senior class went 0-9 our J.V year, 2-7 our junior year of Varsity, we did not give up or cry about it, we pushed each other to do our best. After working so hard in the off-season our senior year of football we made it to the Play Offs, which was the first time since 1998. To not give up when you’re down is nothing short of amazing. With everything people go through every day we should feel invincible. We wage war in our minds thinking about money, the way we look and how others see us. If we focus on just doing what is necessary to make it through the day I think we will find it easier to build confidence. By applying perseverance to our everyday life we can build up immunity to petty problems that would cripple a lesser person with emotional stress. We will have failures and unexpected situations that will challenge our faith or relationships. But it’s important not to dwell on past failures just to move on. Perseverance helps me make it through life each day and define the person I am and want to be. That is why I believe perseverance to be one of the greatest qualities a person can have.