This I Believe

Alyssa - Dallas, Texas
Entered on October 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

I believe in lemonade. From lemonade stands to Capri Suns, from Country time to Minute Maid or the cold, crisp pitcher sitting in the fridge frosted with a layer of condensation, I believe in lemonade. I believe in its magical summer charm relieving a quenching thirst; its ability to bring a smile to a little kid’s glistening freckled face. Making the lemonade is just as important as drinking or even selling it. Hauling the bags of lemons, peeling away the tough, impressionable and almost neon-yellow skin, making a cut down the middle with the occasional trickle of juice running down from wrist to elbow, or sometimes even burning into a fresh cut—a sour sensation of pain. I believe in overcoming the sting, because “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” I believe in the citrus smell that is sometimes too sharp to handle- the tingle within your nose and the pinch of the glands on either side of your mouth. The best part is always adding the sugar; two small hands clasped around a big wooden spoon–mixing, swirling–yellow splashes bursting everywhere until it tastes just right. Sometimes forgetting, you put the spoon to your lips slurping up the cold puddle for a taste-test and then plopping it right back in the pitcher. Who cares? No need to worry about the little things.

I believe in the satisfaction of serving your first customer. Waving that hand-scrawled sign to the approaching car, excitement rising with each slowing round of tires. I believe in how lemonade stands bring out the best in people, because in reality—what 48-year-old man really wants a Disney Princess paper-cup of lemonade simply on his way to the store for Sunday’s dinner. I believe in the way people are drawn to lemonade stands and how it brings back their childhood, reminiscing on their attempts at being a young entrepreneur. That image of the “Lemonade only .25!” flashing through their minds, each letter slightly a different color from the black and yellow markers that tended to always bleed together when attempting to color in the lines. I believe in the first 24 dollars I made in my first lemonade stand, the first job I’ve ever had. (Even if $20 of it was from Mom). I believe in the savvy children who add fresh baked brownies and delicious Oreo cookies to their vivacious menu’s selection. Despite the elaborate menu, the lemonade is always needed to wash the delicious brownie down afterwards.

I believe in the simplicity Lemonade brings to this crazy, fast-paced world. I believe that the next time you see a Lemonade stand you should stop and take a breath, a moment to remember your childhood innocence and to enjoy the simple things in life.