This I Believe

Sarah - Dallas, Texas
Entered on October 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in simple joys. Clothes warm out of the dryer. Laughing until tears roll down your cheeks. Getting a present “just because”. Little moments which turn your day around and leave you with a spring in your step. I believe that it doesn’t take a miracle to flip a frown.

Meticulously maneuvering each curling, cheesy macaroni noodle onto the prongs of your fork, only to slurp them off moments later. An afternoon nap in the sun. Having time to eat a piece of warm spice cake and watch a few plays of the Cowboys game. The sound of rain on a metal roof. Eating a sundae with ice cream and sprinkles and chocolate sauce and gummy worms and whipped cream all piled on a silver spoon.

Your alarm doesn’t go off, your history paper sits forgotten in the printer, hot coffee covers your lap on your mad dash to school at the red light of Lovers and Preston. Shit happens. Bad days are a part of life. But I believe everything lies in attitude. Pay attention. Instead of your mundane Monday morning, your ruined day twisted routine events away from the norm. Mom woke you up with a song and a smile, your phone buzzed with an uplifting text, your favorite song came on the radio while you sat in that annoying traffic. I believe in not dwelling on the bad, but opening your eyes to the good that shines into your life if you take the time to notice.

If everyday were perfect, perfection would cease to exist because of the lack for anything to compare it to. There has to be a sour blueberry in the bowl for you to appreciate the juicy ones. I believe that without terrible moments, there would be no way to snag the precious ones.

So look for the waitress working late at a small-town diner serving bouncy coconut-crème pie smothered in her thick country accent. Notice the smell of Mom’s fresh banana bread wafting up the stairs. Appreciate an unnecessarily friendly person. Enjoy peanut shells crunching under your sunburned feet as you leap up to cheer on the Rangers at that Sunday afternoon game. Seek the moments that subtly offer themselves as simple sunshine in your day. I believe that in simplicity, there is happiness.