This I Believe

Eric - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: place

This I Believe

The way I see it, there’s only one place to fall back to when I’m frustrated at the world. It’s the one place that’s all my own, where I feel the most comfortable. It’s not a physical building per say, more of an idea. That place is my home, my niche.

I was born and raised by American parents in one of the largest cities in the world. I called our small house in Mexico City home for almost ten years while my family worked with the youth of the city. I have childhood memories of homemade fireworks in the street and the smell of tacos wafting down the avenida from Tacos Nick. I lived a happy childhood.

When I was eleven, my family and I were wrenched out of Mexico when we moved to Naperville, Illinois for my dad’s job. After growing up in Mexico, I was hit with culture shock when we moved. But I was young and impressionable, so I adapted quickly. As I found my place and made new friends, I began to think of Naperville as my new home. Not even four years later though, our family had to move again, this time to San Antonio Texas. Texas seemed as different from Naperville as Mexico was from the US. The cycle aculturalization had to start all over again for me.

I’m still living in San Antonio, and I like it a lot. But I’m not quite ready to call it home. Too many of my thought and memories come from Naperville and Mexico. This is what my dilemma stems from. I have a hard time deciding exactly where home is. I want to stay true to my Mexican heritage, but I like who I’ve become now. I feel like I can only pick one me. To keep my identity straight, I’ve decided to take “home” with me as I grow. After all, home isn’t just the building you go back to when the day is over. To me, “home” is defined by the people in my life and the passion I feel towards a place, As soon as my heart connects with where I am its home for me. Lately, “home” is in San Antonio, where I like to volunteer at my church, sail with my family on Canyon Lake, and listen to music with my closest friends. So even the definition of “home” hasn’t always been the same for me, one thing about it remains constant; home is where my heart is. That is what I believe.