This I Believe

Eli - Petoskey, Michigan
Entered on October 24, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

What does family mean? Well, I suppose that’s all relative to who you ask. Though, seeing how this essay is about me, I will give you my thoughts on family. For me, family is that loyal friend who will be there when ever I need him or her, whatever the situation. It is the hand that feeds, guides, and supports me throughout my life. Family, they are the people that believe in me even when I doubt myself. I believe that everybody should take pride in their families (like the size) and start to realize what a group of people sharing the same last name really means for them.

Last year was my first year of college. In order for me to go to the college I wanted to, I needed money to pay for tuition, along with other costs. So my mom and dad threw my brother and me a graduation party. The party was last year, on a windy summer day in mid June.

“Congratulations guys!” my grandmother exclaimed. “I knew you could do it.”

“Thanks grandma.” I said as I watch her drop the envelopes into a box my brother and I had specially made for cards from relatives. The whole reason of throwing a graduation is to dump out that box full of cards and begin to count the money. Of course the money is used for college expenses. I remember counting the cards at the end of the party. We had to split each amount of money from each person, but as we finished counting all the money, both of our totals were over one thousand dollars. That day of family being there for me is part of the reason that I am still in college today. I am really happy how our family comes together to help other family.

Have you ever gone to a wedding reception, and then come to realize that you don’t really know anyone there? I have. Fortunately, I have a rather big family and almost always I find at least one of my cousins to hang out with at these things. I can remember going to a wedding reception and hanging out with one of my cousins that I never used to hang out with. The reception was at the Knights of Columbus hall here in town. We ended up playing euchre at one of the table while listening to lame country music in the background. The point of this story is that family, no matter where you find them, can always be your friend.

I take great pride in the fact that I have a big family. I enjoy all the benefits. Because I have so many relatives, I was given a lot of money for graduation. Also I am always bound to find one of my many relatives at the random get togethers. I hope you start to take more pride in your family.