This I Believe

Zacharias - Austin, Texas
Entered on October 24, 2007
Age Group: 65+

This I Believe; at the ripe age of sixty eight I have seen our government deteriorate loosing its touch with the people it serves. Each President has used the surplus in our Social Security Acct to balance the budget and has never paid that money back. Without our consent we were launched into a war in Iraq that has cost us billions of dollars, driving the cost of fuel, housing, and food upwards to heretofore never seen before. The present administration talks about terrorism and keeps us on the edge of fear with color security status but is unable to explain the billions of dollars spent in a foreign country paid to unknown persons to rebuild a country we are still at war with. The deterioration of the American government’s communication with the people it serves began shortly after the administration of Harry S. Truman and continued in a downward spiral until today’s present administration. We have lost the control of our government because of two very obvious reasons; one we allow our senators to serve for too long a period of time; eight to ten years should be enough. Secondly, Congressmen should not be allowed to take any free services, products, or gifts from lobbyist. Congressmen and Senators should come under the social security system just like their constituents. Congressmen and Senators should not be allowed to maintain homes in the Washington area but made to travel to and from Washington as they are needed and made to stay in motels/hotels to conduct their business. I believe that Senators and Congressmen should not have any special privileges and made to conduct business as any average citizen does. They should be made to pay for their own transportation, their own food and lodging with an expense account of no more than 2% of their salary. Thomas Jefferson once said that democracies should have a revolution every twenty years I believe it is that time in our country today.