This I Believe

Megan - Dallas, Texas
Entered on October 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in sticky notes. As fluorescent pink heart-shaped Post-it notes and the personalized striped sticky pads and even the dull rectangular yellow ones. Whether it is an uplifting message or a memo that screams emergency, sticky notes are always helpful. No day is complete without the use of sticky notes.

I believe in sticky notes. When I come home from a long stressful day at school, there is a scrawled letter on my mirror that reads in my dad’s illegible handwriting, “I love you.” This heartening sentence boosts my spirits and gives me encouragement. When stuck in a neverending history class and eager to ask someone a personal question, I write it on a sticky note and simply pass it to them.

I believe in sticky notes. While babbling on the phone, I doodle on the purple Post-it note with green Crayola marker scratched on it reading, “OPI Siberian Nights”, my favorite nail polish color. A sign says “Don’t Lock” on the front door because my sister lost her house key. A notice in bold black Sharpie reads “For Megan” on the lonesome JD’s snicker doodle cookie.

I believe in sticky notes. Running down the stairs to get some Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, I stumble into a message from my mom asking me ‘Why won’t you talk to me?’ Scribbling something down is often easier than a face-to-face confrontation. The history teachers grading notes bounce off of the page at me. And the memo on my locker from the dean burns my eyes.

How is it that such plain objects affect my everyday life so greatly? Sticky notes transform messages, portray unspeakable feelings, and remind us of the songs we want to download from iTunes. I believe in the need for sticky notes.