Live, Laugh, Learn

Mary - Menasha, Wisconsin
Entered on October 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Live, laugh and learn are three simple words that are the basic structure of my complicated life. My life is mostly made of my family, work, and friends. Really I am living the “American Dream”. I have pretty much everything I need. I lead a busy life but I still have time to laugh and learn. Content and happy. Yep, that’s what I am.

I have my own life to live and I have the power to change the path I’m going in. Sometimes that path is narrow and rocky and I feel like giving up, but I don’t. I pull through it hoping at the end of that narrow path there is a nice easy path. That’s how everyone’s lives go. No one’s life can be perfect. My life is filled with many good times and a few bad times. Many of my good times are with my family and my friends. One of my bad times was when I had to have surgery for my hernia. It wasn’t a very serious surgery but to my fourth grade mind it was. But after the surgery I realized I was going to be okay. I think I should live life to the fullest. Tackling life with my mind wide-open and taking one step at a time. Waking up every morning knowing that there’s a new day ahead of me with new experiences and new possibilities. I believe that I should learn as if I were to live forever and live as if I were to die tomorrow.

Everyone has experienced laughter. I do it all the time. Bubbling inside of me ready to explode at any given time. I could not imagine life without laughter. Laughter to me is like hearing the rainfall. Every time it rains it sounds different. Sometimes it’s soft with a hushing sound to it. Other times it’s loud with lightning and thunder. Whenever I hear laugher it fills me up with joy. Without joy and happiness life wouldn’t be worth living.

Learning is something everyone does. I first learned to walk and talk. Gradually I learned new things like who my sister was and to say please and thank you. Then I’m off to school learning my ABC’s and learning how to write. But to me learning isn’t just knowing the difference between a verb and a noun. It’s more than that. I make mistakes in my life, we all do. I need to learn from my mistakes and try again. My parents taught me and are still teaching me right from wrong and wrong from right. I should learn as much as I can. Without learning I couldn’t live.

Three words that are all connected. One cannot live with out the other. I believe you should live life to the fullest, laugh like there was no tomorrow and learn as if you were to live forever.