This I Believe

Corrie - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that there is more to people than meets the eye. I have discovered that I am plagued with an unfortunate flaw. This flaw is something that I have possessed undoubtedly since birth. However, just recently I have come to realize the seriousness and faultiness of this weakness.

Whether I’m walking through the halls of my high school, or working an eight hour shift at the grocery store, I immediately judge people by their outward appearance. This is not something I am proud of. I realize that it is only natural, but I believe that I am capable of overcoming this glitch.

I will see a girl wearing name-brand clothes and designer sunglasses and I will assume that she is shallow and vain. A man will come through my line at the grocery store, and I will judge him based on his physical appearance, his clothes, andf the people he is with. I constantly find myself stereotyping others based and shrinking them down to only that serotype. I see nothing deeper than the label that I have unconsciously given them.

This self-discovery has been deeply troubling. I am a hypocrite. I saw that it is wrong to judge a book by its cover, and yet, I do it on a daily basis. Why is it that I cannot consistently control my initial reaction to immediately judge other based on merely what I see? This question remains unanswered. After much thought and consideration, I have come to the conclusion that this flaw is simply part of being human. All I can do it strive to break this awful habit. Being aware of my afflicted fault is the first step on the long road to change.

I believe there is more to people than meets the eye. I believe you have to walk around in someone else’s shoes before you can truly know or understand them. I believe that I am going to try each and every day to see people from the inside, out.