This I Believe

Brianna - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe in the power of art. Art is its own emotion and it always tells a story. It can represent anything, from an animal to an action. It can be anything, from a painting to a pile of trash. It always means something to someone, even if the artist didn’t mean for it to. Art can be literal or symbolic, beautiful or ugly, small or large. It can be something you see, touch or hear. Hang it in the fridge or listen to it at a concert. The artist may be a famous painter, a small child or God. Everything in the world is art to someone. Art is an unstoppable power and it’s everywhere. How can it not be influential? Powerful?

I was blessed with a gift of observation and a talent to express myself with art. Every day I am inspired by the world around me, what I see, hear, smell and feel. I can remember something and later draw it or draw my interpretation of it.

I can remember distinctly when my mom told me I had, “amazing talent,” which encouraged me to discover what I really could do. How good could I be? How could I show the things I imagined, observed, and felt using art? With art I discovered I can observe and learn from the world and use my talent to teach others.

Today thanks to the power of art and it teaching me to learn from the world, I can do something I love and add to the huge collection of art throughout the world. Thanks to the power of art I can learn from the world and become more mature. Because to me, art teaches, and the world is God’s masterpiece.