This I Believe

Valeria - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

This I believe

At this moment, so many thoughts float in my mind. I’m anxious, worried and a little overworked. I’m an involved high school student; a junior. My head throbs in pain at the thought of SATs or ACTs. My heart pounds and my eyes sting as I think of the graduation that seems coming at me too soon. This is growing up. The thing that we as kids dream of but as adults remember as a fond memory. There is one thing that, through all of this harsh reality, keeps me in one piece. It is my escape form the world, the escape from pain and emotional break downs at a cluttered desk full of papers and an undecided future. It is my sketch pad one of my many hobbies that erases every sad disappointment, heart break, and fight with a loved one. Instead of thinking about future plans, problems or sad memories, I can think simply about color of shade, sketch or stipple. Even though it is just “a book full of blank paper,” I now see so much more.

I will admit that I too would look at the blank pages and only be frustrated to see white in place of a great image I wanted to create. Now I know that this empty sketch pad held in my hands so many times before is the best thing I could learn from. It contained endless possibilities, expressions and journeys which could be taken by pen or marker. Even if you don’t draw, hate art or think that it is all a waste of time, I hope you can at least see what I see for a brief moment. That life is like a sketch pad, blank and full of pages. Everyone’s is different and many people have torn out pages, wasting so much potential. I hope you can see even though we all may not make a pretty picture, life is so much more than that. Becoming engulfed in the purest of freedoms is the greatest feeling I could ever receive in my life.

I believe that a sketchpad isn’t just a book full of blank paper.