This I Believe

Emma Kate - san antonio, Texas
Entered on October 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

I believe in Carpe Diem.

My good friend Jake was a true believer in Carpe Diem. “Seize the moment, Seize the day I how he lived his life. He accomplished what he wanted when he wanted. He would always say, “At any moment I could just pick up everything and move to Mexico, and that’s what I love about life.” I always wanted to be like him and live life one day at a time. He was always so happy, so full of life.

Jake passed away in motorcycle crash earlier this year. I lost a huge part of my life but gained the immense impact he left with me. He’s gone but he’s remembered by everyone he ever met as the amazing free spirited guy who lived each moment to the fullest. That’s why I believe in Carpe Diem.

Live life like there’s no tomorrow, may sound very corny but that’s how I live my life because you never know if tomorrow will come. Dream big and fulfill that dream right then, and if your blessed with another day make another dream come true or leave an impression on someone’s life. Precious, envious time is running away from us don’t waste a single moment. Jake changed my life and made me treasure every moment, I will never forget his loving spirit. That’s why I believe in Carpe Diem.