This I Believe

camille - san antonio, Texas
Entered on October 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe in happiness. I believe that everyday is a new day to be happy. I believe that happiness is the feeling that moves us and takes us through life. The hope for its reoccurrence allows us to keep going and to not just crash and burn. I think that even when you end up in the worst of situations, you can find the silver lining.

The meaning of happiness is different for everyone. It can come from many different sources: a good book, a funny joke, a pet, or a child being born. I think that it is the strongest emotion, and it can overcome anything. If you are sad, a hug from a loved one can bring back the joy. The remembrance of happy times and the wish for them to return can diminish the pain in the present.

There are many different ways to find happiness, and I believe that my family is the greatest factor for mine. Every time my family is with me when I accomplish something, it makes me warm inside. It fills a part of my heart that is dedicated to them.

. Happiness is a huge concept that can encompass as many translations as there are people in the world. Many people may envision it as a concrete and material gain which they work to achieve, thinking this will bring them what they need in life to be happy. Others view joy as a more spiritual journey, trying to enrich their lives through relationships and love. It is possible that people look too hard for happiness when it is right in front of their eyes. Some spend a lifetime looking to attain it, but at times, the smallest gesture makes it appear.