This I Believe

Anna - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: humanism

I believe that everyone is at least a little bit crazy. I believe that “normal” is just a nice idea that people like to think they represent. One could even make the crazy comparison that being normal is like communist ideas: good in theory, bad in actuality. If everyone were not just a little bit crazy, life would be an endless cycle of predictability. Crazy has gotten a bad reputation because, let’s face it, some are more crazy than others. But think: if we weren’t a little crazy, we wouldn’t have those unique quirks that make us individuals. How horribly bland the day would be without some comic relief from a hilarious compulsive habit or random, incoherent utterance.

I believe that I am more than just a little bit crazy, but I would never change myself to fit into someone else’s idea of what “normal” is. I’ll be the first to admit that my need to clean up my friends’ rooms when I go over to their houses and Febreeze their closets doesn’t fit into any cookie cutter image of a person that I can think of. On the flip side, do I want to be a cookie cutter? I should think not. After all, you lose too much dough when you only use what fits into the cookie cutter. I believe the extra dough is what makes us special.

I believe that people who try to deny that they are crazy will only end up making themselves crazier in the process. If you think about it, the only person you can convince is you, so vehemently trying to prove your sanity to others is fruitless and much to time consuming to be productive. No one needs to be afraid of being a little crazy; on the contrary people need to be afraid of being “normal. Since no one really knows what normal is, wouldn’t being normal actually make you crazy?