Citlaly - 92879, California
Entered on October 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe that music is a very important thing that has to be in everyone’s life. When I am happy I usually express myself by singing a happy song or dancing to it. When I am sad I intend to write my own music. Every single song and poem I write has to do with something that I am going through or something that already happened to me. The beat of the music helps me create dance moves. The lyrics of the song touch my soul depending on how strong the message is. I love to sing because it helps me express myself and how I feel. There was a time when I was in second grade and my grandma passed away and all I would so is listen to music and it would help me calm down. But now if I am really sad I usually intend to cry while listening to a song. One of the songs I usually listen to when I think about my grandma is called “Someone is Watching Over me” sung by Hilary Duff. If I did not have music I would probably go crazy because I wouldn’t be able to express myself. I believe that music is part of life and it touches everyone’s soul. Music can also help when making a movie because it helps set the mood of the scene. I believe that without music like would be really dull like a blank sheet of paper lying on your desk with no words or drawings on it. Music allows everyone to express themselves. Music is a part of me and if you take it away it would be like a newborn baby without its mom. I believe that everyone should listen to music because it is soothing to the soul and the heart. It also helps you express the way you feel weather you are happy, sad, angry, or mad. I believe that music is life.