This I Believe

Claudia - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

“Why is this happening to me?” this question we often ask ourselves when we go through a hard time. We think we don’t deserve whatever is happening to us. We rarely stop to think about how this hardship could be a blessing. I believe trials, though many times hard to overcome and endure, are for our own good, and give us experience.

Much of my childhood was spent without my father. I lived in Mexico with my mother and older sister, while my dad lived here in San Antonio, trying to make dollars instead of pesos that he could send to us in Mexico. All along the plan was for us to live together in San Antonio, but because the legal process to become an American citizen is so long, it took eight years of us being apart for us to finally be together. I appreciated what my dad did for me and my family, and I understood why he couldn’t be there for my schools “Fathers Day Breakfast”, or for my performance in the 1st grade play, but this didn’t make it any easier. I loved my dad and I wanted him to be with us all the time, not just on weekends.

This was probably the hardest time for me, and for my family. I’m sure it must have been difficult for him to feel like he was really missing out in mine and my sisters life, and I know it was hard for my mom to feel like she had to make up for my dad not being there, still, now that my family has been together for a while, I understand how this trial really turned out to be for our own good. Personally, I know that I don’t take my family for granted. I know it’s hard for many teenagers to get along with their parents, and I’m not saying I have the perfect relationship with mine, but after being apart for so long, I appreciate the time we get to spend together.

I am a firm believer that we will never be faced with a trial that we can’t handle or manage to overcome, and I know that if we look for the good in what happens to us, not matter how hard that might be, we will learn and gain experience that we can then turn back to in other times of need.