This I Believe

Mia - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that I am important.

I believe that sometime before I die, I will make a difference. Whether it will be small, large, widespread, or intimate, I don’t know.

Maybe I will discover an element and have it named after me; maybe I will become President of the United States of America; perhaps I will find a cure to cancer; I could even be the next Shakespeare.

Or, maybe I will make other, smaller, equally influential contributions. I could give birth to a child that would someday become a scientific genius or a doctor that would save the lives of many. I could teach a boy to tie his shoes, or perhaps I could nurse a kitten back to health.

I don’t know how long my life will be – there’s no guarantee that I will even live to see the next sunrise – which is why I believe in small acts of kindness to benefit others, in case that was meant to be my only contribution in this life. When someone around me drops something, I pick it up; when someone sneezes, I bless them; when someone walks out of a building behind me, I hold the door for them. These things take very little effort but have a huge impact on others: it makes them feel loved and cared for, an accomplishment in itself. Maybe I won’t get to discovering my element or writing my novel. If so, I will be glad that I at least improved the lives of those around me, glad that my life was not meaningless.

I believe I will make a difference on this earth. I work hard in whatever I do, go above and beyond, and think outside the box to challenge myself and prepare my mind and body for whatever contribution I was meant to make in this life. If I don’t live long enough to discover or invent something, at least I will have raised the morale of those around me, and that is enough for me.