This I Believe

Ishmael - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

To be able to think the things I think is an unthinkable thought, but to think what I think will give you an edge. An edge in extreme sharpness that penetrates through walls, that makes you scream like a fat man at a glance of a chocolate sundae. What can I say; all I think about is food. And yes this may seem very obvious, the fact that an overweight, Hispanic student thinks of food, but what can I say, it captivates my mind. Something about food pouring down my esophagus and its nutrients spreading throughout my body in an instance and all my organs dissolving the food like sand dissolves through water, makes me wonder, what else I would think? I am like a barrel without a plug, fill me up and I will still feel empty. Who can blame me? I come from the land west of the Mississippi where Cajun food, coffee, beignets and much more roam the streets. The Big Easy which I may say seems to be more like the fertile crescent of food than the crescent city. Although crescents are delicious, but enough of that, let us not to forget the birthplace of what I call “The Precious”, – POPEYES chicken and biscuits. OH!! If only if only, I had some red beans and rice to prove to you why food is present in my mind. Enough of me and my aspirations, because it makes me laugh, but if I continue to think about food, then I would realize that I have nothing, and I would begin to cry. From the round to the very well rounded I say with great rejoice, “I believe in Food”!!!