This I Believe

Carl - Lynbrook, New York
Entered on October 24, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe reflection on what we are and what we are not–as a species and family of souls–will yield the state of mind necessary to undue the cycles of violence tearing our societies apart; from family strife, to crime, to cruel forms of “justice,” to international conflict and terrorism.

I believe this reflection on what we are should focus on the human species as being the ‘divine’ miracle of billions of years of cosmic evolution; not to foster a feeling of omnipotence, but one of great thanks and appreciation of being human, to lead to a more humble existence.

By “divine miracle of cosmic evolution,” I mean that the natural phenomena which resulted in the making of the universe and finally we humans, has joyously worked out in our favor, such that for all practical purposes, thus far we have found no species greater than ourselves in intelligence and capability. If there are other intelligent species in the universe possessing our capabilities or beyond, than by virtue of such faculties, they are our ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters.’

Science tells us that we do share this world with some very intelligent creatures of other species for sure, but as wonderful as they are, generally they have physical talents in spite of their mental prowess, and this limits their overall adaptability, whereas our intelligence enables our abilities beyond our physical limitations.

We humans are highly conscious, sentient beings; able to love and improve –or destroy our lot–and this world, as well as the other species we share it with. Indeed, we are on our way to doing so in our unconscious habits. In this sense—thus far—our present religions and philosophies have failed us.

I believe it is time for a new ‘religion,’ a philosophy of the compassionate conscience. Let the realization that we are the greatest species–as well as a great danger–cause us to rethink every corner of our societies, civilizations, religions, philosophies, and our technologies, to the end that we see the grandeur and fortune in being human; indeed, the environmental responsibility, instead of the faults, the sins, and the short comings.

I do not call for any increase in dominance over the earth; indeed I want for that part of us to die, so we may love one another better, laud humanity, thus actualizing our potential to come together, to stop punishing and killing and executing, and raping the Earth. I call for a “celebration of the human species so that we can save ourselves.