This I Believe

John - corona, California
Entered on October 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

“This I Believe” Essay

I believe that everyone has someone that watches over them. I say this because of what happened to me back in the days where I was in 5th grade.

It would always me being yelled at because of what I would not do. I would always be doing things that I shouldn’t be doing. Almost every day my mom would have a talk with me and how I needed to straighten myself out. She would always tell me, “I want you to be something in life, I want you to do your best in everything you do.” And I would always say, “For what I’m not going to use this in any job I get.”

Then, the next day when I was walking home by myself, there was no trace of anyone being around. It was like everything was abandoned for that moment that was going to happen. So out of no were so nice guy show up and starts talking to me about me. It was like if he knew everything about me. He had told me that everything you do in school will follow you every where even when you go to apply for a job. Also and how are you suppose to get in to college when you have bad grades? So I had told him that I would get in by giving them money. So he laughed at me and, asked and, “how are you suppose to get some money.” I said, “From my mom,” then that is were he got me. He said “hey your mom work for a reason and that reason is for you to get a education but the way you’re going she’s going to take you as a joke because of how irresponsible you are now that she doesn’t pay for your education. She might not want to trust you with money for college because you talk school for granted. Your parents had it hard. Especially your father. He would have to wake up at five in the morning and go to the river to bath because there was no running water at his house. Then after that he would run from 6 to7 am so that he would make it on time to school and if he was late he would not be able to go in because class was in session. So if your grandpa found out your dad would get a big biting. Then after school he would have to run home and take lunch to your grandfather in the fields. Next after eat with then he would be put to work from 3 to 10 pm so he would get home at 11. So he would get home to do his homework, and go to sleep. So this means that you can’t say that you don’t have time to do it.”

So then we got to my street and said that it was nice talking to him and that I would see him around. So I was walking and I turned around to wave good-bye and he was gone. So that made me think that he was a messenger. Well anyways to me he was. So after that I started to improve in my school work and my mom was proud. That is why I believe that we have people looking over us.