This I Believe

Entered on October 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, immigrant

Have you ever thought in what you believe in? If not, this essay will give you and idea and make you think on what you really believe. I believe in family and always being together with them. Sometime I will regret it and sometimes I will not.

First of all, I have a strong believe in family. I believe that having reunions and staying in touch or together should be something that everyone should do. You always have to enjoy being with your family because you never know when their time to go is going to come.

Next, I have such a strong believe because lately I have experienced so much lately. For example, my cousin came from Arizona with his family for the weekend to visit since he had not been here for a long time. The time that he was here I had a good time with him and his son so much. He was about thirty-seven and his son was only seven years old. As always when they left I said goodbye and hope to see each other soon. Two weeks later he was heading down to Mexico with his family and got into a car crash. My cousin and his son both passed away a couple of days after the accident had happened. At least I was able to enjoy my time with them two weeks before their death.

Finally, sometimes families are not able to be together all the time but when they are; spend your time with them and do not make any excuses. Like I said, sometimes you will regret it and there is no trying to make up when its gone. An example is when I was not able to see my grandfather right before he passed away; three week ago. I wish I had gone this past summer to Mexico like I was supposed to and visit him. I had not seen my grandfather for over two years. Now for making excuses of why I could not go, I will never see him again. He meant so much to me and that what hurts me a lot.

In conclusion, those were the reasons why I have a strong believe in family and always being together with them. You never know when someone’s time is going to come, it just happens. That is the reason you should always keep close to your family because you never know.