This I Believe

Stephanie - Corona, California
Entered on October 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the need for kindness. People today are so harsh and cruel with each other. Some don’t think their teasing really affects the person they are taunting, but I testify to you, in this moment, that it’s life changing.

I see what it does everyday when my little sister come home crying. She is sweet, smart, funny creative, and talented in so many ways. Those are things her classmates fail to see. They see a girl who is over weight and a head taller than the rest of the. They tease her everyday, they call her names such as elephant and horse, and they make up rhymes about her weight. When my little sister comes home from school she is angry, sad, and confused as to why she her ‘friends’ are so mean to her. I believe in the affect peers have on self esteem.

I have seen the results of a lifetime of teasing and taunting. This girl was told she was fat, ugly, unimportant and worthless, so often that she soon believed it. She truly is smart, beautiful and so full of potential that she could have done anything, but, she was made to feel differently so that she settled for the first thing that came rolling down the road. She threw her life away. This is what I fear for my little sister and I am determined to make sure it doesn’t happen.

My little sister comes home crying because she does not have any real friends. Kids who one day act like her friend will the next turn on her and torment her, in make me so angry to see my beautiful, talented, sweet sister made to feel ugly and insignificant amongst her equals.

When I talk to my sister and pay her special attention I see pure joy gleam in her eyes. She laughs easier when she is asked about herself, about her likes and dislikes. When the time is taken to get to know her she is loved and she feels loved. I will do whatever it takes to make her feel special. I believe that a little kindness goes a long way.