Forget Yesterday, Live Today, Hold on for Tomorrow

Theresa - Corona, California
Entered on October 24, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

I believe in forgetting the past. Although it may be painful, forgetting the past seems to be the solution to my toughest problems that I need to overcome. No matter what was in the past, it will hurt you in the future if you hold on. If you really think about it, the past only drags you down.

Had a bad day? Forget about it and just move on. If you keep thinking about it, you will stress out or become miserable because you thought about it too much. Had a great day? Forget about it because the next day may not be as great and you will compare it to the days ahead and you will become nostalgic. Once you have met an all-time high, it is hard to top it and you become disappointed because you cannot.

Holding on to what has been said and done is redundant because it is done with, it is over. I believe the one thing that will keep you down is the past. Memories are great but they become more and more depressing each time you think about them.

I believe lamenting the past is not good for a person’s general well-being because it just feeds the loneliness held deep inside their heart. Whenever I think about how my friends were in the past, I want to cry because the people that meant the most to me changed or treat me differently. I used to be the best of friends with some people, but now they are just different or became “too cool” for me.

I believe in living in the moment, regardless of what the consequence is. You only get one life to live. After this thing called life, all we have is an eternity of nothing that you cannot escape. Live everyday like it is your last because the sun might not come up tomorrow.

Suicide is unwise because that person did not live long enough to see tomorrow. Things may have been bad the day before but they did not even think about what the possibilities of the next day will bring. Suicide is just another reason why people should just forget the past. Don’t let your life end in sorrow.