This I Believe

Veronica - Corona, California
Entered on October 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe in love and fate. There are moments when someone feels like there is nothing exciting left to offer for him or her in the world. And I believe that all you have to do is wait for fate to settle in. Having fate can set you somewhere you have always wished to be! Deep down in your heart, fate can have all the answers to what you are searching for! All it really is is time. Fate will not just come to you in a blink of an eye or over night but with time. Some longer than others, but I believe that its okay to take long. You cannot rush what is meant to be.

Personally, I have no yet encountered fate; however, my older sister, whom I look up to very much, has met fate and love. She had been in a relationship since the eighth grade that finally came to an end at the end of her senior year. He had hurt her so much but he was her first love and she couldn’t see herself with anyone else until he had done something that really made her realize he isn’t for her! She can do better! Then one night, when we were having a little get-together at our house, a group of guys had come over along with many other people and there was a guy who caught my sister’s eye. Not knowing he was into her too, they started to talk. They talked for endless hours day and night, and they took the time to see each other every single day from the day they met to the day of their graduation. I had honestly never seen my sister so happy, and his friends say that he has never been so happy either! Because he was the quarterback at his high school and was good at what he did, he received a full ride scholarship to UNLV to play for their football team. My sister was already set in going to Cal State Fullerton to major in psychology so they knew that the distance was only going to test their love and strength of their relationship! Till this day, having a long distance relationship, they are stronger than ever and have never been more in love! In my point of view, the distance didn’t pull them apart, it made them stronger! The love they have for each other is amazing, something everyone wants to experience in their future. That’s why I believe my sister has found fate and love and met her soul mate!