This I Believe

Javed - corona, California
Entered on October 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe…

I believe that you shouldn’t always try to be selfish and always try to get in front of someone. I found this out when I met with an accident. Not a big one, just a minor accident. It left me with 3 scars though. My story can relate to anything; spelling bees, races, competitions, etc. So about a month and a half ago. I realized this that you don’t need to be first if there is a possibility off getting hurt. And don’ try to turn something into a competition. So I was going to pick up my brother from school, and I was heading down this big hill. I was accompanied by my friend. I always go down hills, all the time, at least once a day. The school is about 2-3 minutes away on bike. Anyways, so I was going down the hill and my friend was right in front of me. He was in front of me for about 20 seconds, and I told him that we should race. So it began, instead of us enjoying going down this hill we turned it into a competition. As we were going down, I tried to cut right in front of him, and I didn’t succeed doing so unless I cut on someone’s front lawn. When I went on what happened was, there is a big bump in between houses when you are going down a hill. It does that so it can separate the houses. So I went off the bump. I went off in a bad posture, front wheel higher than the back wheel. When this happened my front wheel took the impact, and my back wheel took it right after. The pressure was too much for me, and I flew off my bike, and crash landed on the next houses driveway, I went pretty far. And when I hit the ground I hit my pelvic bone and scraped it, and I scraped up my wrist, and elbow. And since there was rough dirt where I fell, it soon infected it. I haven’t scraped up any of my body parts for a while now. Since I was like 8 years old. But anyways, my friend was laughing and I was too. Then I went home to take a shower, which was very painful by the way. And my friend had to go to pick up my brother. So basically this trip was for nothing. Went down a hill, turned it into a competition, and got hurt. I learned that enjoy everything, not try to be first all the time, you can try but if there is a possibility of getting hurt. Then you should make the right decision and don’t be so competitive. This Is what I learned and believe in now. So I believe that, you should turn everything into a competition and enjoy things more than making it a competition. Thanks for taking time reading what I believe.