This I Believe

Andy - Corona, California
Entered on October 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in learning; to acquire all of the knowledge that you can, because without it life is meaningless. If you do not learn anything then you cannot do anything. The more you learn, the more you will benefit from it.

My teachers always tell me that school is important and beneficial. I never believed them because class was so boring and I did not want to learn anything. Except in my tenth grade History class, my teacher was different. He would always give us chances to get an automatic A on the next test, or sometimes he would even offer an A for the whole semester. It sounds easy enough, but in fact it was extremely difficult. Sometimes he would ask us to a few capitals of some countries that we were learning about at the time. We could never get them, it was an easy task to get an A, but no one could do it. He liked to laugh at us because some of the names we came up with were unbelievably off; he knew every single capital of every country in the world. One other thing he would do is ask us to name a country that he didn’t know the capital of, we also failed miserably at that.

Instead of him telling us how it was important, he showed us. He owns two houses, a boat, a few cars, and is building his own house. He doesn’t pay any bills, except for insurance and utilities, because he already paid off everything. Because of his knowledge and understanding of how things work, he now lives without having to worry about when he needs to make a payment on anything. Every summer he goes to Europe for a month, he also has gone to every football game at my school since the school first opened twenty years ago.

Because of him I now try to learn all that I can and listen to what people say. The More that I know now, the more I will benefit from it later in the future.