This I Believe

clara - corona/CA/92880, California
Entered on October 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: prejudice, race

I Believe

I believe in the color gray, I believe that everybody should be treated equal. I believe

that if the whole world were gray life would be perfect. No problems.

I wish that the world were gray so everybody can see out of each other’s eyes and see no

different, feel no different. People have always been so segrated and it’s all about race,

religion, or were you come from. They waste time out of their lives instead of seeing


I wish people weren’t so quick to judge. They just see one person that’s just the slightest

bit different than them and they discriminate. 6.6 million crimes are committed each year

such as murder, rape, assault, robbery, etc., and from that 6.6 million, 1.3 million are the

crimes are crimes that are interracial crimes.

One out of the six crimes that happen every second of our lives is committed just because

of your color. Racism is a virus that people have in their hearts and minds. I think the

only cure is the color gray.