This I Believe

Aubrie - Provo, Utah
Entered on October 22, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

Post It!

I believe that everyone deserves to be noticed, and everyone, no matter who they are, needs to be loved. This love can be expressed in any number of ways, and it doesn’t have to be extravagant. In fact, the things I love most are simple and straight from the heart, like an extra long hug from my mom or a thoughtful compliment from my sister. These let me know that I’m cared for, that I’m valued. But how do I show others how much they mean to me? I post it!

I don’t know when I first started leaving little notes for those around me. I suppose the idea has its roots in the notes I used to discover when I’d open my Little Mermaid lunchbox and see a big “I LOVE YOU” written in Mom’s neat handwriting. Since then I’ve tried to leave notes to surprise people at home, at school, and even at the cafeteria dish line for workers who scrape dirty plates for hours on end.

At first glance, a small and simple post-it stuck to a door, mirror, or locker may seem insignificant. But to the person living behind the door, looking in the mirror, or opening up the locker, this tiny paper can transform a rotten day into one that is a little brighter. Anonymous or obvious, these little notes let people know that someone’s thinking about them—and that makes a world of difference!

How do I know it makes a difference? I’ve seen it! The smiles in passing a lonely underclassman in the brutal halls of high school, the warm relationship with my older sister living at home for the summer, the notes I get in return from my roommate coming home at night.

Last month something in my best friend’s closet caught my eye. Her mirror was covered in pink flowered post-its, ones I had left her throughout the semester. She had kept every last one of them, even the most insignificant ones saying: “See you at lunch” or “Jogging’s postponed for another morning when we’re not living off two hours of sleep”. They may not say a lot, but they mean a lot. And every time she looks in the mirror, they continue to say that she means a lot to me.

The most beautiful part about post-its: they’re simple! Even when life gets hectic, I can always take the time to post a note. If it brightens a day or strengthens a relationship, it’s worth the few seconds it takes to scribble a message to a friend. If it communicates concern or offers compassion, then the minutes used to slip a letter under a door are not in vain.

The best gifts in life often come in small packages, and sometimes in thin, pink, flower-shaped ones. Love is the sweetest gift I could ever hope to receive—the most important gift that one person can offer another. And it can never hurt to post it. This I believe.