Samantha - Las Vegas, Nevada
Entered on October 22, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: science

I believe in technology. All of my young life, I have always been told to handwrite things down, like notes for example. However, whenever I went back to read it, the hand writing was so hideously written that it made it almost impossible to understand what I was trying to explain to myself. This became truly horrible when an extremely difficult test came up because I may have had the notes written down, but if I couldn’t understand them, there was really no point in having them. Things that I wrote down looked like some sort of code or perhaps a foreign language that I had made up. Unfortunately, this was not the case. I remember a time in third grade when we had to write a story in groups of two. When I gave my partner the ideas that I had brainstormed, she had to ask me what it said because of the way it was written.

After this incident, the teacher suggested that we use a computer to type out our ideas and eventually the story. At first I wasn’t wild about the idea because I liked feeling closer to the work, getting lead on my hand as I ran it across the paper and writing little notes or drawing little pictures in the margins; but I knew that this was probably for the best. As I continued through my education, my handwriting did not see too much improvement, which I thought was quite a problem. So I started to type my notes and other assignments when I got home from school so that what I had learned was still fresh in my mind. For the most part, I do all of my writing on a computer, for it is faster and much neater. I have grown to love typing out things that I need to get off my chest or things that I need to write about in the comfort of my computer chair. It has started to feel much more personal to me then writing with a pencil on a piece of paper. With my new found inspiration I have begun to write by hand again merely for practice, but the thing that I believe in most for writing purposes is technology.