This I Believe

Jessica - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on October 21, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe in Maggie, my three year old miniature dachshund. When Maggie was born she was extremely tiny. She was the runt and ill nourished. She had to preserver through many obstacles the vet did not think she could overcome. When Maggie came to us she was highly under weight, covered in fleas and very ill. She was about six months old and came from another home where she had been abused. After our vet examined her he told Maggie would probably die.

Although she was small after a few months she began to grow. She also began to gain weight and become healthy. She was small but she was a fighter. As Maggie became apart of the family her perseverance would show in more way than one.

Eventually Maggie would be hospitalized with a life threatening disease. The vet once again said because of her size she may not survive. After a surgery and a couple nights in the animal hospital Maggie came home just as strong as ever. Once again she would preserver despite her small size.

Maggie is very protective and will attack anything big or small. Maggie is about seven pounds and stands three inches off the ground. She is about a foot long, or maybe a couple inches longer. Our neighbors have two pit-bulls. Maggie who can walk under the pit- bulls will stand at attack mode and act like she is going to beat them up. One day the male pit- bull broke through the fence while Maggie was outside. Our other dog Gary who is slightly bigger than Maggie ran up to the door and in to the safety of the house. Maggie however started to bark and hold her hair up. She stood there facing this much bigger dog, which is as mean as his bread is described, holding off this predator. The neighbor eventually made it over to capture his dog. My family was relived Maggie was not hurt and shocked she had enough courage to face such a big and mean dog. Maggie proved again her size does to cause fear.

Maggie may be small but will stand up to just about anything. She is fearless no matter what challenge she is faced with. Through all my time with this little creature I have discovered you size should not disable you, and if try you can succeed in just about anything. Perseverance is what Maggie has taught me and this I believe.