This I Believe

Cyrus - Fox Point, Wisconsin
Entered on October 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe in determination. It explains the sheer will of one’s capability to undergo anything and everything to achieve personal success. Determination sets apart those who truly can and those who cannot. And although everyone possesses it, only few know how to fully use the potential of its ability. I believe in determination because it allows you to overcome anything.

All human beings have dreams. In fact, it has become a common perception, over the course of one’s lifetime, to fulfill these dreams. Following this comment, however, one may wonder, naturally, “Why do some people achieve their goals whereas others, in turn, do not?” Such a simple question brings determination into play. Those who strive harder than others and are able to fully imagine themselves gaining success generally attain it.

Determination tests your ability to push yourself. While some generally set personal goals and achievements, others thrive to reach maximum efforts. Determination, therefore, becomes a measure of competition. I remember a soccer combine I once attended for members wishing to become part of the Midwest regional team. I can recall being physically trained and prepared to the best of my ability, along with having, what at the time I thought, was adequate mental ability. The ferocity and emotion some other players demonstrated at the exhibit was mind-altering. I was certain from what I had seen that these players’ athletic ability and technical skills were comparable to my own. But what then was separating these other players, children the same age as I was, so drastically from me? The answer came with time and experience. Surely, I thought weeks later, the display they put on that day came a result of their passion to thrive and prosper, their determination to succeed.

With such uses and capabilities, then, determination becomes the most important attribute of man. As a result, the process of instilling and using determination is fundamental. Determination, in my opinion, is a mixture made of many compounds. Practice plays a vital role in getting the most determination. In order to use determination, you will need physical ability to demonstrate it on. Another essential component is confidence. Confidence portrays self-trust and knowledge important in backing up effort and determination. Together, practice and confidence work together to instill determination. Practice embodies repeated time, love, and emotion exerted for individual success while confidence adds reassurance to reinforce practice and construct determination.

Regardless of one’s goals or achievements, determination will undoubtedly play a key role in any desirable success. Although it remains one of the most underrated, underestimated qualities of character, its effect is prominent in those who use it proficiently. After all, you must succeed at achieving determination to achieve determined success.