We are no longer America

Ross - East Syracuse, New York
Entered on October 20, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

It is estimated that as many as 140,000 died in Hiroshima from the atomic bomb and its associated effects with the estimate for loss in Nagasaki roughly at 74,000. In both cases, most were civilians – total innocents trapped in a militant fascist society over which they had no control. Truman, backed by America murdered those people, and at that moment our country lost its soul. It is ironic that Truman’s decision was based on the ends justifying the means, a key foundation of Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Truman justified his action by the amount of American lives that would be saved by the dropping of the Atomic Bombs as opposed to invading Japan. I was taught that in America, the ENDS DO NOT JUSTIFY THE MEANS.

The irony is that after this horrendous act, it was much easier for most Americans to look the other way as the CIA hideously abused the world, toppling governments and implanting puppet rulers as long as they gave lip service to the anti-communism. Fascist butchers were installed in such places as Nicaragua and Guatemala, with their only qualifications for rule being that they not interfere with such Companies as United Fruit, or other corporations who wanted to continue with their policy of slave labor and vast profits. For thirty years the CIA did this all over the world, continually trying to rid the world of communism by following Marx’s teachings and employing Stalin’s tactics. Are we are still the America I was raised to believe in? I think not.

Not only did the cold war fail to end communism, it in fact strengthened it. The Soviet Union only fell when the cold war pressure was finally released with detente and China is, to say the least, still going strong. By putting thugs (Saddam was a CIA placed thug for example) in power around the world, a vacuum was created that has been filled with radical fundamentalism. A good example of this is Iran, where the very first covert action by the brand new CIA, ensured the continued reign of the Shah of Iran 1947. This was done because the Shah’s opponent in the election rigged by our CIA, supported the idea that Iran’s oil be nationalized and for this he was branded as a communist. Shame on Iranian’s for thinking that they should own their own oil! The Shah’s continued power meant that the flow of Iran’s oil-profit could continue to flow into England’s coffers as it had since 1911 when England first discovered oil there. With the placing of the Shah, business just went on as usual until the Shah was deposed by the radical fundamentalists led by the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 1979. Remember the cries then of “Evil Empire?” Were they correct?

We paid for the acts of the CIA with 911 and will continue to pay for them. I want America back.