This I Believe

Vera - McKinney, Texas
Entered on October 17, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that our time on earth is limited and that a quest for knowledge can only get you so far. It is the application of knowledge that can leave a lasting impression on this world. It makes no sense to spend an entire lifetime in formal education; the real world gives enough

life experience to fully suffice as a learning environment.

I believe that humans are capable of completing astounding things if they focus their energy and put their mind to it. Humans are considered by many as the crown of creation, but sometimes we must step back and realise that there are millions of organisms that share this planet with us and must be good roommates to our house mates.

I believe that the body can heal itself, and I further believe that with the aid of natural earth-made herbs we can strengthen our bodies to help defend themselves against man-made illnesses and diseases. I believe we should go back to the basics with regards to health. Exercise and diet are very important factors of health that are often overlooked due to greater regard for lazy activities and artificial foods of poor quality. I believe in

homoeopathy and I believe in the golden rule of health, do unto yourself as you would have yourself do unto you.

I believe that there are friends all around the world, and I believe in the power of hospitality. I believe that good company is not rare, but rather not generally sought. I believe in consciousness and humanity and in the power of the individual. I believe that communication is the key to discovery of oneself and of the world.

I believe in karma and the spirit of the universe. I believe that those who claim to live a good life and lie and steal are only hurting themselves. They have not yet realized what life is about and believe that life is simply a

game to be played with a reward at the end. I believe that good things come to those who seek them, and those who wait may just be left in the dust.

I believe in volunteerism for those in need and I believe in hope.

I believe in travel, it can open the eyes of the unbeliever and create belief.

I believe that love is very powerful and should not be sought but rather found.