This I Believe

Jason - MUNCIE, Indiana
Entered on October 17, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: setbacks, sports, work

It is hard to talk about certain things that are personal and that a person might feel it is just better just kept inside. I know that we all have these stories, but I want to tell one that I am happy about sharing. In this stage of my life I was able to learn what I think the meaning of life is.

In my high school years I thought there was just so much to life, and I thought there were things that mattered that really never did. While in high school I worked so hard to be the best athlete I could be, and I was going to get there at any cost.

Everyday I would start the day at 5:00 and start off running, and they by 6:30 I was as the school lifting weights. I had the mentality that I would be a winner, and I just knew hard work is what it would take.

While playing sports I was able to find myself around some really great guys, and some of these guys are even my best friends today. I had these guys here pushing me when ever I would get down on myself, and they would always tell me it would be worth all the hard work when we would win the football game or the wrestling match. At the time I was surrounded with school, friends, and girls, but at the time, weather it was day or night, all I could think about was winning.

During my senior year I still had all those things consuming my life, and still all I wanted that year was to be state champ in the wrestling finals. This was something that I have wanted since my 8th grade year, and I had made it so close the previous years and I just knew it was my calling or so I thought.

I made it to the state tourney and I had my eye on the prize, and at the time that all I could think about was the gold around my neck. I go out for my first match and I was focused on the gold I forgot about the rest. I ended up losing my first match, and I thought my life was over at the time. I remember going into the locker room and crying and losing myself in the moment.

Later on that night my coach came into the locker room and told me, “Jason hold your head high, and be proud of your hard work. Life isn’t about wining or losing it’s about experiences. It’s about the experience of just coming up short and knowing you have to work harder. Its about the experience of have you friends, family and coached here supporting you and knowing no matter what life goes on.”

I learned a lot that day, and that was that I might not have been as good as I thought I was, I had nothing to be ashamed of, and last that the experiences of that day and days leading up to that day are what counted not a win or a loss. This is something I truly believe now, and hold close to the heart