This I Believe

amanda - redding, California
Entered on October 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18


I strongly believe in selflessness. Selflessness can be defined in many ways and acts. To get up in the morning and go through your own day putting other people before one’s self or to go about your day and take on the extra duties that would make your own life more complicated just so that some other could be in a more simplistic state or to create difficulty in one’s own schedule to fit into another’s, at the others request or not, so as to make a life seem simpler to that other or to take part in others lives, to set aside my own hardships or problems, to assist another’s in their time of need or make their own hardships in life easier before I accommodate to my own; this is the esteemed essence of selflessness.

Selflessness can be troublesome and hard at times when pride or ego is involved which tends to blind us, but if we can remember to think about others’ lives around us, then our lives might not seem so hard. Then, that is when we can learn to appreciate life and enjoy the feeling one gets when one knows they toke part in creating relief or happiness in another.

Note, that you must be careful to not overdue it. For instance, to go so far as to become a mindless sixteen century house wife without hope or consciousness of ones own self problems.