This I Believe

Zoe - Petaluma, California
Entered on October 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Everybody owns a pair of flip-flops, but when winter comes around they think it’s too cold to wear them. I believe it is never too cold to wear flip-flops.

Growing up I did not realize how important a pair of flip-flops were. My parents were always buying me all sorts of regular shoes. As I grew older, I always wore tennis shoes. In junior high it was against the dress code to wear flip-flops, so when I got into high school where it was allowed, I began to wear them every day. I realized that I never needed to buy another type of shoe.

Native Americans wore moccasins to connect themselves to the earth without getting their feet dirty. I wear flip-flops, the modern day moccasins. Moccasins were made to form to your feet, and I don’t know any other shoe besides a flip-flop that truly forms to your foot while still allowing freedom of movement.

Flip-flops are cheap. In fact in the Marshall Islands everybody wears flip-flops and nobody pays for them. Thousands wash up on shore everyday, and the people who live there take mismatched ones right off the beach to wear. However due to the fact that flip-flops are not biodegradable many sat on the beaches for years. This is why people from Marshall Islands have begun to turn them into things such as earrings, and key rings to sell to tourists, causing our trash to become our treasure.

In august I went to a river with a group of friends. Everybody told me I was stupid for not bringing a pair of tennis shoes because I would hurt my feet wearing flip-flops. When we began climbing rocks I threw my shoes into the river, and climbed up barefoot with speed as I watched them slip constantly because they could not grip the rocks. I would then jump off the rock, swim to my sandals, and use them as paddles on my hands to swim quickly back to the rock. When they finally got to the top and jumped off it was difficult for them to get back to the surface because their shoes were so heavy and filled with water. By the time they made it back to the rock I had already jumped off a second time, rested, and informed them that I was smarter for wearing flip-flops.

You can even wear flip-flops in the rain. Most other shoes soak in water in the rain and are almost impossible to dry out. When my feet are wet or cold I get in the car and blast the heat.

Flip flops are for everyone. In fact they can be worn as formal shoes because they now make high-heeled flip-flops. There is no such thing as a bad pair of flip-flops. I know this because I have tried them all, from two dollar ones at longs, to fifty-dollar rainbows. I have worn them in sun, rain, and snow, and I still believe I never need another type of shoe.