Ignorance is a Disease

Rebeca - Dowagiac, Michigan
Entered on October 17, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

There are many things statistics state are the number one killers for different kinds of people. Statistics may say that the number one killer of old people is heart disease, or that the number one killer of teenagers is obesity. They always keep changing the number one killers because of new and improved technology and medicine. But there’s one number one killer that can’t be prescribed too…and that is ignorance.

First of all, you should part yourself from the ignorant because ignorance is like a contagious disease. Keep your mind open to different ideas, but never change what your beliefs or morality without first backing up the new “concept” you’ve heard about. There is a ‘never’ and ‘always’ that everybody should know. Never judge anybody. Always try to understand the reason why people act a certain way and how situations in life has changed them. I say this, because it’ll come in handy in life.

Try to forgive those who hurt you in any way. And be patient to those who haven’t forgiven you yet. Don’t be ignorant and think that you never hurt anybody with what you may have said or done, and think before you speak. If you have nothing good to say, then don’t speak. The reason is because you never know what life might throw to you and what situations you could be faced with.

Ignorance may lead you to think that every body is like you. That everybody knows their life is worth it and that they have the ability to think and act rationally. The truth is that no one person thinks exactly the way another one does. No one person has had the same beautiful and dreadful experiences of another and much less the same reactions. An example is: Suicide is an out-come that can be prevented without the ignorance of parents.

The thoughts of suicide and depression is affecting many teenagers lately and most parents are ignorant about it. Parents’ usual escape goat to questions of why their adolescents have been acting a certain way is: “Teens go through a certain period of confusion or puberty.” This is true, but nothing done about it is wrong. Parents can’t just sit back and watch how their child’s life and perseverations drag on the floor. Not being ignorant and going out to find out if what their child is going through is normal or not is the best thing they could do. Learning is the best medicine to ignorance.

Learning broadens your mind and helps you find yourself. You should never feel the need to change for anybody, but learn from everybody. Everyone person (big or small) has a contribution to give to life. The worst thing you can do is mock somebody because of their beliefs or dought their dreams. Believe that they can, but most of all believe in yourself. Do not be infected by ignorance.