This I Believe

Raymond - Muncie, Indiana
Entered on October 16, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe I’m comprised of many random beliefs that consistently develop and change, while some wear beliefs as armor and are unwilling to evolve and make a needed change

I believe that lacey lingerie makes me crazy!

I believe from the sky to a fly and a tree to a flea that we are all connectedly coupled.

I believe that beliefs can be extremely hazardous if harnessed within the influential and troubled.

I believe we as the human nation are incapable of being truly judicious due to our narrow views of our own existence within the confines of veneration… So I won’t dismiss all reverence as consequence and I’ll continue to search for gods’ verification.

I believe that my anxiety can be treated more easily with weed than Fizers unproven remedies.

I believe we live in a country that is failing, yet sustains the ability to continue prevailing on the seemingly unjust containment of our rights…so our government persists on over jailing our youth without proof for conviction purposes and not truth because of our monetary plight.

But I also believe I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else…

I believe we all reside within margins unseen… that see’s the subtle differences of you and me, instead of our regularities which ultimately translates to people feeling inferior because of their own exterior similarities… to all of us.

I believe I like my penis just a little too much… and that that loves disables a higher awareness and fairness to others and it ultimately smothers my personal evolution and weakens my constitution as a woman’s rights backer.

I believe I should be able to hold a black woman’s hand and not have to withstand others ogles and stares and command the jeers to disappear.

I believe I should be able to hold a grown man’s hand and walk with head just as high in the air.

I believe homosexuals can find salvation just as heterosexuals can and they can also deny salvation just as a heterosexual can and maybe that spiritualality and sexuality might go hand in hand but it doesn’t make a god-damn difference who’s inside their bed…

And I believe the very few who are strong enough to make such a taboo stand…should be followed and looked up to…I know I do

I believe an abundance of Oreos and beer should make me muscular and increase my I.Q.

But I know they never will… so I don’t mind if I’m not G.Q. and smooth

I believe that putting a virus in you to prevent you from having a sickness like the flue is strange do to my misunderstanding of Anatomy and Physiology…but it must be true because we continue to do it.

I believe when I am in the supper market and I begin to sing Gregg Allman loudly…that is makes me feel good inside. So what if people stare because it’s about my life’s ride and feeling proudly about what I am inside.

I believe if I concentrate at my balding head enough I’ll just might magically grow some thick reddish hair.

I believe that freshly cut grass is such a divine smell and in comparison freshly pumped gas doesn’t smell very well and that milk is one of the better tastes that graced my pallet’s shell… and my girlfriend is the best taste I’ve had in my mouth…for real…but it’s the ability to distinguish sight, sound and smell that makes it all worth while in times that seem hellish… variety is the spice of life not matter how infinitesimal or irresistible something might be so intake it all…selfishly

I believe that I think too much and analyze absolutely everything in everyway but it lends a difference in pattern and thought that I wouldn’t have any other way.

I believe in the spirit of Santa Clause… so what if I know the real truth.

I believe there’s no chance like now to extend yourself to the ones you love and make them proud…Because when I lost my Mother at the time I didn’t figure out how and now I that I know I infer my growth and show my son another way and lay my wisdom upon my sons front door for him to explore and find his own way.

I believe these eclectic thoughts and beliefs can be surmised by stating we all reside under the same sky’s and need to realize the dreams that lay behind all our eyes and stop disguising the ostracized in patriotic subterfuge and not use others pain to gain footing as a country needed abuse.

I believe sex feels good but making love feels better… don’t you?

I believe that a grown man should be allowed to cry and given hug but instead there is an overwhelming awkwardness among us and we turn our heads instead of asking why… what the matter is?

I believe that your beliefs might not be the same… yet I’ll love you the same and we don’t have to tame… out inner lion as long as no one is harmed in any manner and we continue trying to grow and show our young we can all coexist as a nation with our fists in the air high and yell with enthusiastic pride “I am who I am” without hesitation.

And this I strongly believe!