This I Believe

Kasie - Hampden, Massachusetts
Entered on October 16, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Over the past week, while my teacher was trying to help us with ideas for our “This I believe” essays that everyone had to write. After a bit of brainstorming and thinking, I had a few ideas, this was not one of them.

Yesterday, everything went wrong. I figure it was the worst day of my life; one of my very close secrets was spilt, I got a D on my math test, I dropped all my books in the middle of a crowded hallway, and so much more. The day seemed to never end, class after class, one disappointment after another. School ended after what seemed like years and now it was time for the game. My soccer team was playing Belchertown, the team that we had played last week and at that time, we had both been undefeated. They beat us by 3. Now, it was our time to show that we could play better than them and everyone was determined to win.

I only got one shot in the first half, and I missed it right as the whistle blew. I came off the field and couldn’t hold it in, tears rolled down my cheeks; I was embarrassed and upset and didn’t care anymore. My coach told me to keep trying and it will come. I figured why not give it one more go.

After a few minutes to calm down, I went back out, trying not to break down again. I needed something, I needed something to make this day worth living, because at this point, nothing was going to. We didn’t get any shots in 35 minutes and we were looking pretty bad, it looked like the game would end in a tie; there were only about 4 minutes left. I stood at the back post as the ball was shot up and over the goal. I honestly don’t remember much that happened after I saw that ball fly. There was a lot of kicking and pushing and the goalie falling and my knee making contact with the ball and the ball making contact with the net.

I raised my arms up in the air and let out a scream of joy. My teammates crowded together and hugged one of the girls on my team, heart almost dropped until she told them loudly, “Kasie got it, Kasie got it!” Some of them looked surprised, but they came over and attacked me out of happiness.

The game wasn’t over yet. With one minute left, our team managed to keep the ball away from out net, and we took the win. We were all a little overwhelmed that we had won, especially me.

That’s about it, nothing incredible happened afterwards and my day didn’t get any better, but it made my think what this essay was really about. So, now I can say this truly, I believe that you can never give up and never look down. Just hold your head up and you will succeed.