This I Believe

Joshua - Littleton, Colorado
Entered on October 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe in miracles. Such as angels helping those still living in life and death situations.

At a 4th of July 2005 party in my neighbors back yard a miracle took place.

My little brother Joey was a naturally curious toddler and when no one was looking he decided to stick his head into a mini back yard fire place where there just happened to be a hornets nest. The hornets, trying to defend their nest and queen, stung my little brother mercilessly for several seconds before he managed to pull his head out of the small hole he had gotten himself into. Everyone was panicked at this incident at first not knowing exactly what to do. Once everyone calmed down and started thinking clearly we rushed him to the hospital. At the hospital the doctor counted at least 30 stings on his face alone.

Everyone including the doctor was amazed that a 3 year old child survived such an ordeal.

It was the next day that we received a call from a New Jersey hospital that my mom’s brother and my uncle Jeff passed away from a seizure which ultimately lead to a heart attack that was unfortunately fatal. It was about the time that my little brothers curiosity got the best of him.

Too this say my entire family is persuaded that my uncle was helping my little brother live threw the hornets ferocity.

Before this 4th of July I had no reason to believe in miracles such as this but ever since this amazing incident I truly believe that angels help those in need in life and death situations.

This was truly and with out a doubt, a miracle.