This I Believe

Melissa - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, legacy, work

I Believe…

Everyone has a different kind of lifestyle and a different way they grew up. Our parents influence that a lot because they were the ones that raised us. My parents raised me believing that I should work hard for what I want in order to learn lessons in life and to succeed. Another thing they taught me was never to give up or at most try not to. I’ve been sticking to that for the past 18 years, although its been hard, I have tried my best. In my opinion, it’s the best way to excel in life.

When I was younger I grew up with a mindset of working hard for what I want from wanting a toy or wanting candy. My father and my mother both worked hard for what they have now. This was all an influence because of my grandfather and the life he went through. My grandfather had a hard time growing up due to his father and how he was. His father didn’t appreciate much nor was a very polite person. My grandfather worked hard for what he wanted as well. When he was young, he had a job as well as going to high school. Back then the average payment for a minor was around a dollar and some change. He continued working hard giving the money he earned back to his parents and siblings. He was trying to help the family out as much as he could. One day my grandfather had gotten paid and he wanted to keep some of what he got paid to himself just incase he saw something he liked. His father already knew that he was getting paid so when he got home all he said was I want my money that you got paid today. My grandfather only gave him some of it. His father realized it, and he beat it out of him just so he could have more money and drink. Though he knew it wasn’t right for his father to do that, he still kept working and followed his fathers’ rules. My grandfather went through harsh times when he was young but all in all he succeed. He was so smart he didn’t have to go to college. As soon as he got out of high school, he tested out of college. Therefore he went straight into his career as an architect. He was well known in Puerto Rico for helping out the poor with somewhere to stay. He’s what I think about when I feel like giving up because inspires me to keep working hard, help people, and never give up.

In my opinion anything that you want such has something simple or a goal you must work for it. Things shouldn’t be given away easily because people won’t learn or appreciate what they have. People tend to be spoiled and ignorant which isn’t the best quality to have. I believe that to teach anyone to be great at something you must make them work hard for it not just to make them appreciate it but to succeed in life. However, I do believe that working hard at something makes you have that mind set to give up faster because you might get tired from it. That’s when you have to make sure your sticking to what you have to do. I love the fact that my parents made me work hard for what I want, it made me more mature, realize reality of life, and still improving in what I want for the rest of my life.