This I Believe

macgregor - seattle, Washington Afganistan
Entered on October 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

This I Believe

I believe in happiness even no matter what

I believe in happiness even when sad. I always try to be happy for many reasons, he number one reason is not that I’m tying to be happy but odds are I am happy. Don’t get me wrong I have been sad before but I try to always to keep smiling. Some might say I’m a fake but I believe that if I want to have a smile on its not fake at all. Three was never a day in my life that I said I’m always going to be happy and I’m not. There are those times that I’m not smiling (however rare that may be) but I’m always to be smiling. the more it rains the more you don’t smile bet if you start crying it rains a lot more and when you start smiling it makes the sun sunny so smile for the sun and go for the happy sun

Even when horrible things happen to me I try to make the best out of them now matter wrenched there are. I used to have a cat who would pee all around my house witch was uber icky. But as it turned it out he had a repulsive bladder issue and the vet did everything he could. What im trying to tell you are that even in the worst situations there is a sliver lining (like my house stopped smelling like Uren.

You probably have some had something sad be fore and maybe you thought that made you sad, but maybe it dint. When I see people frowning is makes me a little bit sad and when several people are sad a few ore people get sad and then a few more people get sad but nobody wants to be sad unless here emo but lets hope there not emo, I don’t like emos they smell bad. So stay smiling people for I believe in happiness even when sad.